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Thermo Cube Tc 3Thermo Cube Tc 3

The TC-3 Thermo Cube is a device that senses the temperature and automatically turns on your heating device. When the Thermo Cube senses a temperature of 35 degrees or less, it will switch on your pond heater, heat lamps, green house heater, engine block heater, or any other type of heating device. The Thermo Cube will then switch the heater off once a temperature of 45 degrees is reached. This handy appliance will regulate up to 2 heating devices. Also great for boats and RVs. You won't have to worry with the Thermo Cube

Features Include:
Plugs into standard 120v AC electrical outlet. 3 prong plug. UL and SA listed. Operates 2 devices.
3 1/4" x 1 3/8" x 1"

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