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Bi Odor Ferret Waste Deodorizer 8 Oz.Bi Odor Ferret Waste Deodorizer 8 Oz.

Let people see the wonderful qualities of your favorite ferret: without being distracted by foul odors with Bi-Odor Ferret. This space-aged product contains a patented all-natural mixture of amino acids and enzymes which actually sanitize ferret stool, urine and body odor smells from the inside out. Simply add it to your furry friend's water and food daily. This safe, natural solution will make your ferret welcome anywhere! A definite must have product for those with pet odor allergies or homes with multiple ferrets. Used by top breeders and veterinarians worldwide.

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The best price found is $9.99 from That Pet Place.

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That Pet Place $9.99
Greg Robert $10.13
PetCo $10.99