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Fish Mate 2000 Pond Pump 600 GphFish Mate 2000 Pond Pump 600 Gph

The Fish Mate Pond Pump 2000 provides all the versatility and performance you need. Ease of use and low running costs come as standard, thanks to the simple flow control and a super-efficient, magnetically driven pump turbine. Unlike other pond pumps, the Fish Mate's range features a specially developed strainer filter which will not clog up under normal use. Gone are the days of needing to clean your pump's sponge filter every day. Even in heavily contaminated water a quick shake is often all that is needed to keep your pump running at maximum performance. The Fish Mate 2000 comes complete with 4 fountain options including: Tiered, Column, Bell, and Plume, and a control knob to adjust the flow to the fountain or waterfalls.

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That Pet Place $89.99
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